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A.K.A. Leni The Wizard Bear

I was born on November 24, 1999 at Build-A-Bear Workshop at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. I was adopted by Mommy (Cathy Feinman) for her birthday even though I was born three days later.

I am married to Schaumburg, the everything bear, and we are beary happy.

I am a member of the Mystical Order of the Golden Paw, a graduate of the Magical School for Bears and serve our Hug as depenser of magical solutions. (I am a great admirer of Harry Potter!)

I am the older sister of Lavender Grace, the not-so-growly bear and sister-in-law to Chocolate Harmony, our chief medical bear.

I have a farm, Toleni, on the outskirts of Pawtropolis where I live with my animals, Scorch the baby Dragon, Iggy (Igloo) a baby seal, Twilight the little unicorn and her father, Dreamwalker. My owls, Hoot and Nanny, live in the nearby forest with Harry Potter's owl, Hedwig. We have recently added a new unicorn, Fantasy to our family.

We are also visited by the rest of the unicorn herd who often drop by to play games and celebrate days with us.

Together with my sister and sister-in-law we grow herbs for Lavender's apothecary shop, The Growly Orishan, in Pawtroplolis and my apothecary shop, Hocus Potions at my farm. My farm also serves as home to all the members of our Hug and the Paw Cave, secret headquarters of The Paw, is located in the caverns under my farm